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About Us

County Rescue’s professional staff is dedicated to the medical field and their expertise is focused on caring for patients.  Personnel are trained to and maintain the highest level of pre-hospital care in the region.  Our staff performs continuing education and training, routinely exceeding State and Local licensing standards.  Certifications are also obtained through specialized schools not locally available, which allows us to expand the knowledge base of our entire staff.  Focusing strictly on medical care has allowed County Rescue to be a leader in EMS, often being the first to perform many of the treatment protocols now locally available.

County Rescue also has a network of over 80 medical staff functioning in our contracted, rural municipalities.  These personnel are licensed at all levels from medical first responder through paramedics.  These “first responders” are volunteers who respond from their homes to assist members of their community in their time of need.  Responders are trained, supported, and medically equipped by County Rescue.  This system allows us to put advanced medical care at the patient’s side within minutes, yet helps contain taxpayer costs.

Our Purpose

Being successful medical professionals means our purpose centers around serving the needs of people.  Needs can be immediate or ongoing, critical or non-emergent. There are needs of patients, of their family and of providers.  There are needs of individuals and of the community as a whole.

County Rescue defines our purpose this way:

To accomplish this goal requires a definite mindset:

Everyone is important and deserves time and respect.  We achieve our purpose when we follow our core values:   F.O.C.U.S.

F – FIND the best mode of transport
O – OFFER the highest skill levels of training
C – CONCENTRATE our full attention on patients
U – UNCOMPROMISED respect for coworkers and providers
S – SERVE communities as an affordable, professional emergency provider


County Rescue is a 501-C (3) non-profit organization that has been in operation since 1982.  Our growth as an organization is a testament to the quality of people who provide our services.  From the start, our growth decisions have been measured and calculated based on the philosophy that we must fulfill any promise we make to the communities we serve.  We look to be a leader in technologies that increase our ability to better perform our job.

EMS personnel have a responsibility to provide safe, high-quality, compassionate medical care to their patients.  County Rescue Services has been meeting and exceeding these standards throughout Northeast Wisconsin for over 35 years.